Health Issues


The normal dog has 42 teeth in its mouth. The brachycephalic dog also has 42 teeth but a lot less space to fit them in. This means that the teeth will be crowded and growing in at odd angles which, in turn, traps food debris and leads to periodontal disease at a far younger age than in non-brachycephalics. The earlier you begin using home care dental products, the longer you will be able to postpone full dentistry under general anesthesia.

Skin Folds

Skin fold infections are common amid the facial folds of the brachycephalic breeds. With Bulldogs tails can be a concern for skin fold infections as well. Be sure to examine these areas periodically for redness.


The broad headed nature of these breeds makes reproduction a tricky matter as Caesarean section is frequently needed. Difficult labor is common and, as surgical assistance is often necessary, it is important not to breed females with tracheal stenosis (see above). Breeding is best left to the experts. Actually with Bulldogs any good breeder should be doing Caesarean sections and not risking their females life or the life of the pups by allowing their female to whelp naturally.

Altogether, the brachycephalic breeds show plenty of personality and intelligence just as all dogs do, but because of their special needs their owners require some extra knowledge. If you have any questions about your brachycephalic dog, please do not hesitate to call your veterinarian if you have further questions.