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Success Story: Pelon

2 Feb

Pelon, meaning “Baldy” in Spanish, entered rescue in February 2009 as an ownersurrender. !The owner told rescue that Pelon was missing “some” hair and had food allergies. !Pelon was almost completely bald, he was bleeding from his neck, front legs, back thighs, had swollen red skin all over, especially his feet. !Pelon wouldn’t walk; he was too weak and lethargic. Pelon was diagnosed with demodex, a yeast infection and secondary infections from the bleeding from scratching. He was unable to be neutered because his skin would tear. !He was sent into foster care and treated with medications, antibiotics and weekly medicated baths. !Pelon was put on a routine of supplements, vitamins, high quality dog food and daily medications. After a few weeks of foster care and ongoing treatment, Pelon’s fur started coming in on his paws, thighs, face, chest and sides; his backside taking a bit longer but little hairs were coming in. Even after everything Pelon had previously experienced, he was still a happy, loving and trusting bulldog. After a few months, Pelon was making great progress. His fur was looking good, and he was well enough to be neutered. After Pelon was neutered, he was on ready for adoption. Pelon was a big hit at both the the Pet Expo doing his “trot” and at an Adoption Fair. April 2009, Pelon was adopted. No longer bald, his new name is Cooper. He’s in a great home, getting all the love he deserves, he is thriving in his new environment and loving life.

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