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Success Story: Liberty

18 Apr

Sugar happy in her new home!

Liberty was found on the side of the freeway by animal control.  She’d been hit by a car and was left for dead.  The shelter brought her in and discovered she had a microchip, but the owner wanted nothing to do with her… just let her go and didn’t care what happened to her.  Liberty made her way to us and she needed major surgery to correct the injuries that occurred when she was hit.  SCBR raised the funds to get her surgery and helped her during the long period it took to recover from the surgery.

Liberty, now known as Sugar, has since been adopted and is truly enjoying life as she deserved it!  She’s gone from the side of a freeway to a loving home!

Here’s a message from her new home:

“After the unexpected loss of our yellow lab, we decided that our home needed another dog.  While browsing through MANY internet sites, we spotted Sugar. We NEVER envisioned getting a Bulldog.  However, Sugar’s story (along with the video of her playing ball, online) was heart-wrenching. This prompted us to apply to Southern California Bulldog Rescue.  Once approved, we met Sugar and Mel.  Sugar made an immediate impression on our family.  After playing with Sugar for a while, there was NO QUESTION she would be coming home with us!!  This proved to be one of the best decision ever !!  Sugar has adapted
wonderfully to our home and family.  She receives true ‘Princess’ treatment. The pictures tell a lot of the story ( she pretty much runs the household ). Sugar is given free range of the entire home, and takes full advantage.  The blessing of working with the Southern California Bulldog Rescue has proven to be a WONDERFUL experience.  All these wonderful dogs want is a happy home and someone to love them.  SUGAR FOUND BOTH & EVERYONE IS VERY HAPPY.
P.S.  Sugar is (of course) lying on the floor RIGHT NEXT TO ME as I type this!!”

Pillow time!

Cuddle time with the family.

From the freeway to the couch!

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"Two years ago our family attended the Bulldog Beauty Pageant in Long Beach where we met the SCBR team and learned about this great breed. We had thought about getting a bulldog for a long time. A year ago we finally submitted an application and met with SCBR volunteer Vicki. Within weeks she had found the perfect dog for us! When we met Butters it was love at first sight. We have never had a dog before and couldn't have made it through the first year of bulldog ownership without the help of SCBR and Vicki who always answered my emails and phone calls about dry noses, cleaning folds and tail pockets, putting in eye drops and more! Our newest family member never leaves our side and brings joy every day. We can't say enough about the great work SCBR does and are so thankful for the volunteers.."
- Butters' Family

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