Stem Cell Therapy – Regeneration for the new Generation

Before the advent of stem cell research, and the resulting stem cell therapy, many illnesses were either untreatable, or treated with costly, often grueling and painful surgery, or long-term medication use.

Stem Cell Therapy has opened a whole new arena in both pet and human treatment. Researchers have found that adult stem cells have the ability to divide into different cell types. What this means is that stem cells can be easily extracted from the fatty tissue of your body and re-injected at the point in the body were the damaged cells are found, seek out the damaged cells, and regenerate and replace them with healthy cells.


Madison's Before & After Stem Cell Therapy

The possibilities this process opens up for the future of human health are limitless. Currently stem cell therapy is being used to treat a host of ailments such as arthritis, dysplasia, joint injuries, tendon and ligament damage and even fractured bones. It has also shown promise when it comes to treating renal disease, dermatological issues, and more. The future of stem cell therapy may even provide the cure for diseases like Parkinson’s, Cardiovascular Disease and Type 1 Diabetes, as well as help patients recovering from heart attacks and potentially restore healthy function to patients with genetic defects.

Dr. Roy Kraemer, of Vet4HealthyPet, has been treating pets, especially bulldogs, who often suffer from many ailments, such as arthritis and hip dysplasia, quite successfully with Stem Cell therapy at his California clinic. Dr. Kraemer works in conjunction with Southern California Bulldog Rescue (S.C.B.R) to help save and rehabilitate injured, abandoned and mistreated bulldogs.

The full range of benefits provided by stem cell therapy has not yet been fully tapped, however, currently, stem cell therapy provides a less costly, less invasive and more effective way to get relief from the pain of many diseases. And because stem cells are taken from the body’s own tissue, there is no worry about rejection, making it a safer alternative as well.