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Rescue Dog: Lulu

2 Aug


Little Lulu is a 1 1/2 year old girl who was surrendered to Rescue by her owners when her medical care became too costly for them to continue. When she arrived, Lulu was unable to walk and was incontinent. Her owner admitted to trying to breed her by artificial insemination which resulted in a miscarriage.

Due to her physical condition, there was little hope and it was initially thought that, in her best interest, she had to be euthanized. After just a few days with Rescue’s volunteers, Lulu’s vivaciousness and joyous personality emerged and it was evident that she just needed an opportunity to work through her physical problems to lead a fulfilling life. One of Rescue’s most dedicated volunteers decided to taken on Lulu’s care and has spent much time taking her to various doctors for evaluation to try and determine just what is wrong with her.

After a thorough veterinary examination including X-rays, it was determined that Lulu suffers from hemivertebrae, which is a congenital birth defect causing wedge shaped vertebra to compress and angle the spine resulting in instability of the spinal column leading to nerve damage and possible fractures. The vet also concluded that Lulu has a “soft” bladder – meaning that the urine flows out easily versus a “hard” bladder where it is difficult to excrete the urine – which apparently is unrelated to her spinal problem. The vet believes that there is something else that is causing Lulu’s incontinence. It could be a disc injury from when she was artificially inseminated or when she miscarried, or subsequently, when she was spayed and the incisions closed with metal staples, damaging her bladder.

After the initial vet consultation, Lulu was taken to California Animal Rehabilitation (CARE) in Santa Monica where doctors further tested her to try and ascertain just what the issue is with her back legs. It was determined that Lulu is in fact not paralyzed, she simply cannot feel her rear legs, indicating there was some type of nerve damage she sustained. The therapists continued their evaluation and found areas on her legs that do have sensitivity and responded to their stimulation. Lulu and our volunteer were sent home with a list of over a dozen exercises to do twice daily.

It is still too soon to tell, but the CARE vets believe that Lulu’s issues may be conditions that can be fixed, or at least improved and stabilized so she can live a full and happy life in an adoptive home that understands her special needs. With regular in-home therapy, requiring a special harness, acupuncture, a good diet with supplements and daily medications, our volunteers have already seen a marked improvement in Lulu’s mobility. She is standing more and is steadier when upright to the point that she is now able to take a few steps. The physical therapist believes that she would greatly benefit from a wheelchair as moving around in it would help her use her rear legs and increase her mobility.

The vets at CARE have been very generous and have given Rescue a discounted rate for their services, but her treatment is still very costly. While Lulu’s care and re-habilitation require a tremendous amount of time, and a good deal of money, we feel that it is all very well spent to give this girl the chance she deserves. Please consider sponsoring her to make this possible.

Initial Physical and Medical: $300
Weekly Physical Therapy & Acupuncture Treatments: $130/week for at least 8 weeks
Food: $50/month
Supplements: $30/month
Medications: $50/month
Therapy harness: $130
Diapers & wipes: $50/month

Sponsor Lulu

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THANK YOU from all of us at Southern California Bulldog Rescue!

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