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Rescue Dog: Jeyda

29 May


Sweet Jeyda is a 10 month old baby girl picked up by one of Rescue’s dedicated volunteers from the Coachella Valley shelter in very dire condition.

Aside from the severe mange from which she obviously suffered, with scabs in place of hair all over the highly sensitive skin of her little body, she very likely suffers from Spina Bifida, a congenital spinal defect which inhibits control of the hind quarters, bladder and bowels. After Jeyda was examined by Rescue’s vet, it was determined that this little girl also has an enlarged heart and bad hips. One hip is deformed and missing the “ball” part of the ball-and-socket joint. The other hip is dislocated. Even with surgery, the complete but dislocated hip will probably slip back out of place, so at this stage, surgery is not currently an option. In light of all of these problems, Jeyda is actually amazingly mobile. She is in a loving foster home and is following the other resident dogs around the house, and has even gotten down the few steps to go outside on her own.

Jeyda’s stoicism and sunny disposition immediately won the hearts of all of the Rescue volunteers who have had the opportunity to meet her. She is such a little trooper, and just full of life and love. Since she is very likely afflicted with Spina Bifida, she needs to wear a diaper. She is VERY good about getting her diaper changed. She stands right in place and patiently waits for her foster mom to tend to her. Her little backside initially was quite red and swollen and bled every time she was cleaned. But just a few days of the right size diapers and baby powder with every diaper change, and the swelling is much reduced and the bleeding is almost nonexistent.

Jeyda has such a long road to travel, through countless vet visits, potential medical procedures, medications and rigorous daily care. Her prognosis is yet to be determined, but such a loving little soul is worth all of time, care and expense it will take to bring her to a stable point to find her a most dedicated and loving forever home.

After reading Jeyda’s story, think of how fortunate you are and consider sharing a tiny bit with this girl who has known nothing but suffering her whole brief life, until now. Please consider sponsoring this innocent baby, so Rescue can give her every opportunity to live a long, happy, healthy life and know the love she deserves.

Oral medications: $250/month
Topical medications: $30/month
Blood panel:$150
X-rays: $300+
Diapers and wipes: $50/month
Other expenses yet to be determined.

Sponsor Jeyda

Or, send a Check or Money Order to:
Southern California Bulldog Rescue
PO Box 10313, Santa Ana, Ca, 92711
Note: Please include the name of the dog in the memo section.

All of your donations can be a direct gift, or in honor of a special person or pet.

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THANK YOU from all of us at Southern California Bulldog Rescue!

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