Remembering Butch

Published on December 11, 2012 under Rainbow Bridge


5/28/2001 – 12/02/2012

From the moment I saw his picture – white eyelashes, kind brown eyes, funny wrinkles, and an underbite not to be believed – I knew that he had found his forever home.

When I met him and saw his sweet disposition I knew that I had found the perfect dog!  Was he actually the perfect dog?  No, but he was perfect for our household.   Personality plus, loyal, laid back, and  loving – he made himself right at home.

I will miss your “Butchie” leaps when I arrive home – even after sometimes only being gone a few minutes; the way you would run (ok-waddle) around with your toy thinking that there was no way that I could get it from you; the way your stumpy tail would wag so fast when you were happy; the friendly face that would greet me at the door; the way you would plop in my lap when I sat on the floor… These are all things which cannot be replaced.

Your grandpa said that he has lost his best friend and companion.  You were always there for him and he loved you for that and so much more.

They say that everything happens for a reason and I am so glad that somehow our lives came together and that the time we had was so special – albeit way too short.

Rest easy my wonderful boy – Butch, Butchie, Utchie, Bubba, Pickles (don’t know how that happened), and occasionally Poo-Paw (you know why…)

You are, and always will be, loved.



RIP Butch, we are so grateful you found such a loving home to spend your golden years in.