Remembering Shelby

Published on July 25, 2012 under Rainbow Bridge

We had to say goodbye to Shelby, a girl that touched quite a few hearts during her time with us in rescue. Shelby was abandoned at the shelter by her owner, unable to walk on her own, malnourished and filthy. SCBR picked her up and took her to one of our vets who immediately identified that she had a condition known as Hemivertebrae, which basically meant that some of the vertebrae on her spine didn’t form correctly and looked almost like little butterflies.

She went into a foster home with not only an amazing family, but with other foster bulldogs to have as her buddies. One of the funniest things about Shelby was that ALL the foster dogs that always came in the house seemed to want to share Shelby’s bed and she would always scoot over and accommodate them. All the dogs seemed to love her as much as all the people who ever met her did. She has a sweet soul and loved to be cuddled like a little baby in your lap. She quickly became known as the princess of the house, everyone just adored her.

Sadly, after almost a year in her home, and many visits to the doctors and lots of tests, Shelby seemed begin being uncomfortable. On top of the vertebrae problem, doctors believed she may have had a tumor in her spine that was beginning to cause pressure and pain with Shelby. It was at this point that her foster family had to make the decision to let her go across the bridge so she wouldn’t be in anymore pain.

Shelby took a lot of effort to care for in the time that she was with us and her foster family, especially her momma Tami, gave her unconditional care and love. We are so grateful for them never giving up on her and giving her a place for her to call home and most importantly, a family of her own that loved her immensely. Shelby was very lucky to have found them and we’re so thankful to her family for providing her with care and love until the day we had to say goodbye to her.

We know she’s happily running around with all the other bullies across the bridge, especially her former foster brother Boomer. We love and miss you so very much Shelby and will see you again one day.

RIP Shelby.