Farewell Beasley

Published on February 8, 2012 under Rainbow Bridge

A message from one of our adoptive homes…

RIP Beasley

Dear Skip and So Cal Bulldog Rescue,

I wish to thank you everyone and especially Skip for making my life a lot more interesting , fun and livelier by rescuing Beasley from your organization.

Over 6 years a go Skip came to my place in Laguna Beach and approved me for a bully adoption.

Months later Skip called and Beasley was picked up for a trial weekend and immediately jumped into my car started smiling , looked around as we drove the % south and then laid down in my lap and started snoring… or fate together was sealed at that moment. 

Leading up to and even days before  Beasleys passing over Christmas weekend due to lymphoma , the So. Cal. bull dog rescue group was very helpful and gave excellent advice from all thing related to Beasley’s health and what is normal Bullys habits during the 5 + years.

Skip also directed me to Dr. Kraemer of Grand Pet Car center, Santa Ana. Dr. Kraemer turned out to be the best Bully Dr. one could hope for in So. Cal.

When your dog is in great health any Vet is helpful.

However,  a world class  Vet is one who takes care of both you and your bully when there is tough disease to deal with.  

Dr. Kramer had compassion , interest and help us with special medication which made Beasley’s last few months both quality and a happy one.

I won’t go further other than to add we spent many, many dollars with a Vet in Dana Point who did not care care about Beasley’s quality of life at the end and only wished our credit card.

A heartfelt thank you Skip and the So Cal Bulldog rescue.