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The rescue job can be very difficult and time-consuming. While not everyone can (or should) make the commitment to provide the full range of rescue services (providing foster care, screening applicants, doing home inspections, making placement decisions, and so on), there are many ways that people who love Bulldogs can help the rescue cause.

Here are ways YOU can help:

  • We are always in need of foster homes. You can provide temporary housing for rescued Bulldogs, even if only overnight in an emergency. Click here for more information on fostering.
  • If fostering isn’t what you are looking for we also need help with home checks, transport, shelter checks, and visits to dogs who are being surrendered.
  • Donations. Donating food, medications, equipment, supplies and raffle items. We also accept monetary donations through personal checks or Paypal. Click here for more information.
  • If you are more interested in the social aspect of rescue you can help with fund-raising events.
  • Help us with socializing and training rescued dogs.
  • Give advice to current Bulldog owners to help them keep the Bulldog instead of giving him/her up to the rescue program.
  • Contact animal shelters and veterinarians to get their commitment to call Bulldog rescue when they know of a Bulldog that needs a new home. Post rescue flyers or business cards at vets offices, animal shelters, pet supply stores, and other places dog lovers visit.
  • Educate people about the importance of buying puppies only from reputable breeders. Tell everyone you know never to buy puppies from casual breeders, pet stores or puppy mills.
  • Shop at our store! Visit our store to purchase Southern California Bulldog Rescue logo merchandise.

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Audrey needs your help to fight her infections and be healthy enough to find a home of her own. Click her photo to find out more about her and how you can help!
If you'd like to sponsor Audrey, click here.
Click here to view our other sponsor dogs!

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