Shady Paws for Senior Bulldogs

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We strongly believe that no bulldog should ever be left behind – especially senior bulldogs.

There are no retirement homes for bulldogs that have been tossed away by their owners due to age, illness or special need.  For those dogs, bulldog rescue has developed the “Shady Paws” program.

“Shady Paws” is a long‐term foster program focused on pairing our loveable senior bullies homes looking for a companion dog.


Wendy lived out her golden years in a loving home after her original owner gave up on her. All dogs, regardless of their age, deserve a good home.

Our goal:
• Connecting our senior bullies with older adult companions.
• Enabling older adults to experience the love and joy only a bully can give.
• Improving the golden years for both “parents” and dogs.

Rescue will help provide:
• Food & Supplements
• Care Guidance & Advice
• Vet Care and Transportation if needed

Shady Paws is a program that helps provide the medical care for the needs of senior bulldogs that are no longer wanted by their families.  Our rescue program partners with families to provide loving and caring homes to these dogs that would otherwise have no home.  These families are making a commitment to take a bulldog into their home that would otherwise not have a place to call their own.  By working with the rescue, these homes can provide the care for these dogs that they need and deserve.  Without these homes, many of these dogs would pass away in a kennel or shelter, often times alone.  The Shady Paws program makes sure that all of these dogs end up in a home where they are loved and cared for.

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