Foster Home Application

Thank you for expressing interest in fostering. Please complete this entire questionnaire and answer the questions honestly. While it is long, the more information you provide, the better we will be able to match your home with the right foster bulldog. Completion of application in no way constitutes automatic approval to foster a bulldog. An SCBR representative will contact you to discuss the next steps in fostering.

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Foster Preference Information

How soon will you be ready to foster a bulldog?
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How many bulldogs would you be willing to foster at a time?
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What age of bulldog are you able to foster?
 Young/Adult Senior Any Age

What type of bulldog are you willing to Foster. Please check all that apply.
 Male Female Adults Puppies Injured Sick Abused/Neglected Pregnant Mothers with Puppies Dogs that need to be only pets

Do you have the ability to foster a dog that would need to be kept separate from other pets in the home? If so, please describe.

Are you willing to foster a dog with medical needs, such as daily medication or physical therapy?
 Yes No

If Yes, which level of care are you comfortable with?
 Barker Bathing Dogs Behavioral Issues Blind Clipping Nails Daily Medications Deaf Difficulty Walking Frequent Medications House Training Issues Incontinence Seizure Disorder Shy Dogs Special Food Spina Bifida

Are you willing to foster a dog in need of some obedience training?
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Would you be willing to take on a dog with some behavior problems?
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Are there any characteristics that you are not willing to work with?

What behavioral or medical problems do you feel you cannot deal with in a foster dog?

General Information

SCBR conducts home checks on all homes and yards prior to approving any foster home. Is this okay?
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What time would be preferable for your home inspection? *Please note: A home inspection is required prior to anyone fostering a dog from SCBR.
 AM PM Weekday Weekend

Do you own or have you owned a Bulldog previously?
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If yes, please provide a brief description of your experience with the breed:

Why are you interested in becoming a foster home for a Southern California Bulldog Rescue?

Have you previously fostered a pet for any other organization?
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If so, which organization(s) and please tell us about your experience with fostering:

Are you able to take your foster dog to the veterinarian if it were to become sick or injured?
Please Note: All foster homes will be notified where to take the dog for veterinary care.
 Yes No

Do you understand that foster homes are not paid for their volunteering and in many cases donate the expense of food while fostering.

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Are you able to drive distances to assist in picking up a foster dog(s)?

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Are you willing to transport the foster bulldog to local adoption events and/or to meet with prospective adopters?

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Do you understand that foster care for a dog can last from days to weeks and even months?

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Your Home

Which of the following best describes your current residence?

 House Condo Town Home Apartment Duplex Mobile Home Roommates Other

Other (please explain):

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 Own Rent Lease

If you rent or lease, please provide your Landlord's name and phone number below.

Please Note: If you rent or lease your residence, a copy of the lease will be required before placing a foster dog in the home.

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Do you have a fenced yard?

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Do you have a swimming pool?

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If Yes to Pool, is the swimming pool secured?

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Foster Bulldogs' Living Arrangements

Where will your foster bulldog be primarily kept?

 House Garage Kennel Outdoors

If you checked outdoors, please explain

Where will foster bulldog be kept while left alone and unattended? Please check all that apply.

 Indoors Outdoors Crated Roam of the House Basement Garage Fenced Yard Loose in Yard Kennel Run Gated in a Room Alone all day without others Laundry Room Alone all day with other dogs

Approximately how many hours per day will your foster bulldog be unattended and completely alone?

 3 hours or less 3 to 6 hours 6 to 9 hours 9 to 12 hours

If the dog will be alone for 6 or more hours a day, what arrangements will you make to allow the dog to relieve himself/herself?

Who will care for the foster bulldog on a daily basis?

Who will care for the foster bulldog when you are out of town?

You & Your Fostering Style

What is your Fostering Style?

 Pets and Fosters are Separated Bulldogs are in Kennels Bulldogs are Family Style (free roam of the house) All Dogs are all Fed Together All Dogs are Fed Separately

How do you discipline your dog(s)?

What would be your response if and when your foster dog makes a mistake?

Have you had any experience and considered how to prevent any of the following behaviors?

 Dog Aggression People Aggression Basic Obedience Barking Chewing Crate Training Digging Dominance Issues Food Guarding House Training Jumping Separation Anxiety Submissive Issues Toy Guarding

Your Home & Family Information

It is important that everyone in the family wants to foster a dog and will spend time with it.

Does everyone in the household want to foster a dog?
 Yes No

Do you have children in your home?

 Yes No

If Yes, Please list Ages

Have these children been around dogs?

 Yes No

Pet Information

Do you agree not to let a foster dog roam off leash in your front yard, garage, or any where other than a secured back yard or inside the house?

 Yes No

Do you agree to open your doors with caution when you have a foster bulldog?
Some bulldogs get excited and may run out the front door.

 Yes No

Current Pet Information

Have you ever owned or currently own a bulldog(s)?

 Yes No

Please list all current pets. Please indicate: Name-Breed-Age-Sex-Spayed/Neutered-How Long Owned

Are your dogs up-to-date on shots and vaccinated?

 Yes No

Are your dogs spayed/neutered?

 Yes No

Please provide name and phone number of your current Veterinarian:

How do your dogs get along with other dogs?

 Excellent Good Fair Poor N/A

Do you understand that your foster dog may not get along with your current pets the moment they first meet?
It may take some patience and extra meetings for them to be comfortable with each other.
 Yes No

How did you hear about Southern California Bulldog Rescue?
 SCBR Website Adopt-A-Pet Veterinarian (please indicate below) Newspaper (please indicate below) Friend (please indicate below) Shelter (please indicate below) Previous Adopter of SCBR (please indicate below) Other (please indicate below)

Please Indicate Other Information Here

If you have any comments or concerns about fostering an SCBR dog or how our program works, please use the following "Notes" sections to share them with us. We are always interested in the open to your viewpoint and suggestions.

Thank you for filling out our Foster Questionnaire. Your answers will permit us to more effectively match your family, home and lifestyle with one of our foster bulldogs.



By submitting this application, I certify that the information I have given is true and I am serious about fostering a bulldog from Southern California Bulldog Rescue (SCBR). I realize that any misrepresentation of facts may result in losing the privilege to foster an SCBR rescue an/or the removal of the fostered dog by SCBR.

I understand that SCBR has the right to deny my request to foster a Bulldog from their organization. I understand that a Foster Agreement is part of the foster process and will be enforced. Once a dog is placed into a foster home, and it is found to be neglected or abused, SCBR reserves the right to reclaim the dog at any given time without notice.

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