Fostering a Bulldog

Foster homes are extremely important to us and allow us to rehabilitate needy bulldogs in order to find them a new home.  We always have dogs in need of homes and fostering a bulldog in need can be a very rewarding experience.

Many of the dogs that come into rescue are too sick or scared to be made ready for adoption.  Other times, we simply don’t have a home yet for the dog and the dog would be much happier in a home of their own, as opposed to our kennels.  Foster care gives the dogs a chance to learn how to be in a home and also provides the rescue with critical information about the dog and what kind of home would be best for the pet.

Southern California Bulldog Rescue provides vet care, spay/neuter, donated food and supplies when possible.

Here are answers to some common questions we are asked about fostering:

How can I help? What is it exactly?

Fostering gets animals out of the shelter and into safe, loving, homes where they can grow or heal until they are ready for permanent adoption. We need homes for dogs that are sick or injured, or others who just need to get out of the kennel to relieve some of the stress and related behavioral issues they are experiencing.

How do I get started if I want to foster an animal?

You will fill out an application to foster and after we receive it, a volunteer will be contacting you to continue the process.  We will complete a homecheck and then work with you to find a dog that suits your needs, capabilities and lifestyle.  We always have dogs that need to be placed in a foster home.

How long do I keep my foster dog?

It really depends on the dog.  Some dogs are with families for a few weeks, others are there for a few months.  Dogs that are requiring rehabilitation of any king (physical, mental, emotional) can often be with a family longer.  Healthy dogs that are ready to go may only be with foster homes for a short amount of time.

I have animals of my own, how do I keep them safe?

Your foster dog must be kept indoors at all times.  If you have the ability to separate (extra room, etc.), that can work, or we will work to place a dog with you that gets along with others.  If you have other pets, we will have all the animals meet first to ensure that they all get along and work well together.  A SCBR volunteer will work with you to assist you in keeping your own pets and your foster dog safe and happy.

What do I have to provide?

Foster parents are responsible for providing the basics: food, water, bedding and toys.  If you need help with any of these items, please ask – we sometimes have donations we can provide to you.  If your foster dog is on medication, we will provide it to you.  We will also provide veterinary care at one of our rescue vets; if you choose to go to your own vet, you will be responsible for the expense.

I don’t know very much about bulldogs, do you have any information to give foster parents?

We will provide you with an entire guide to foster care and we will discuss in detail with you what you need to do.  We are available throughout the entire process to assist you in whatever way we possibly can.

I may not be ready to foster. Is there anything else I can do?

Absolutely! We have many volunteer opportunities for individuals eager to help our bulldogs. Click here to complete our volunteer application, and you will be contacted with information on how to get started.

I want to be a foster home!

Click here to go to the Foster Home Application!