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Success Story: Butters

8 Oct


“Two years ago our family attended the Bulldog Beauty Pageant in Long Beach where we met the SCBR team and learned about this great breed. We had thought about getting a bulldog for a long time. A year ago we finally submitted an application and met with SCBR volunteer Vicki. Within weeks she had found the perfect dog for us!

When we met Butters it was love at first sight. We have never had a dog before and couldn’t have made it through the first year of bulldog ownership without the help of SCBR and Vicki who always answered my emails and phone calls about dry noses, cleaning folds and tail pockets, putting in eye drops and more!

Our newest family member never leaves our side and brings joy every day. We can’t say enough about the great work SCBR does and are so thankful for the volunteers.

Here are some pictures of Butters doing his favorite things!”

Thanks again!”

Success Story: Liberty

18 Apr

Sugar happy in her new home!

Liberty was found on the side of the freeway by animal control.  She’d been hit by a car and was left for dead.  The shelter brought her in and discovered she had a microchip, but the owner wanted nothing to do with her… just let her go and didn’t care what happened to her.  Liberty made her way to us and she needed major surgery to correct the injuries that occurred when she was hit.  SCBR raised the funds to get her surgery and helped her during the long period it took to recover from the surgery.

Liberty, now known as Sugar, has since been adopted and is truly enjoying life as she deserved it!  She’s gone from the side of a freeway to a loving home!

Here’s a message from her new home:

“After the unexpected loss of our yellow lab, we decided that our home needed another dog.  While browsing through MANY internet sites, we spotted Sugar. We NEVER envisioned getting a Bulldog.  However, Sugar’s story (along with the video of her playing ball, online) was heart-wrenching. This prompted us to apply to Southern California Bulldog Rescue.  Once approved, we met Sugar and Mel.  Sugar made an immediate impression on our family.  After playing with Sugar for a while, there was NO QUESTION she would be coming home with us!!  This proved to be one of the best decision ever !!  Sugar has adapted
wonderfully to our home and family.  She receives true ‘Princess’ treatment. The pictures tell a lot of the story ( she pretty much runs the household ). Sugar is given free range of the entire home, and takes full advantage.  The blessing of working with the Southern California Bulldog Rescue has proven to be a WONDERFUL experience.  All these wonderful dogs want is a happy home and someone to love them.  SUGAR FOUND BOTH & EVERYONE IS VERY HAPPY.
P.S.  Sugar is (of course) lying on the floor RIGHT NEXT TO ME as I type this!!”

Pillow time!

Cuddle time with the family.

From the freeway to the couch!

Success Story: Sammy

29 Feb

Sammy enjoying life in her new home!

Sammy was given up by her family to rescue because they claimed they couldn’t bond with her.  Anyone who ever met Sammy can attest that this couldn’t be farther from the truth… Sammy is one of the sweetest little girls we’ve met in rescue and she steals your heart the moment you set eyes on her.  She was brought into foster care by one of our amazing foster homes and they nurtured her and loved her as a member of their own family.  Unexpectedly, one of our dedicated supporters came by the donate a crate and encountered Miss Sammy, who cast her “love spell…and the rest was history!

Sammy is evidence of how wonderful an older bulldog can be and how it’s never too late to open up your home to the amazing love and devotion that a senior bully can offer.

Here’s what her AMAZING new family had to say about Sammy and how wonderful it is to adopt an older bulldog…

Enjoying couch time with new sis Pebbles!

“I fell in love with Sammy at one of the adoptions event at Dr. K’s when I was dropping off a crate for therescue. I wasn’t really looking for another bulldog because of Pebbles, my current bulldog, not taking to well to other visits of bulldogs to our home. However, I could not resist Sammy. Janelle brought Sammy over for a visit, and Pebbles was not interested in her at all. After a second visit, it was clear that Pebbles did not mind Sammy in our home and so we completed the adoption. Sammy and Pebbles are now best of friends (and it’s only been 3 weeks!). Sammy is the sweetest thing ever and has taken the mommy role I hoped she would take for Pebbles (she cleans her and let’s her play with her favorite toy – her keys!).

I want to encourage anyone who has doubts about adopting a senior bulldog – they are the best and want nothing more but to have a home and be loved! Also, I want to let you all know YOU CAN TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS!! Sammy, from watching Pebbles, learned to to in and out the doggy door in 4 days!

We are truly blessed and lucky to have Sammy in our lives and part of our family for the rest of her life!!”

One happy family!

We wish nothing but the best for Sammy and her new family, and have thanks and gratitude for the foster home that worked tirelessly to find Sammy a home of her own, and gave her unconditional love and care in the meantime.

If you are interested in adopting a bulldog, please click here for more information.

If you are interested in becoming a foster home to help a bulldog find their new home, please click here for more information.

Success Story: Jackie

9 Feb

Jackie was rescued last year from an owner who left her and another bulldog in the backyard all day long.  She came into rescue filthy and starved for attention. 

But Jackie had quite the turnaround, she was adopted by a wonderful woman and she is now the princess in the home!

Princess Jackie

Here’s a letter her new mom sent us…

“When I first saw Jackie, I have to say it was love at first sight and that we were meant to be together.  I was so terrified that I would fail as a new mommy to this beautiful girl who did not know how to trust or love.

When I gave Jackie her first bath, I did it outside, I had her all lathered up and scrubbed from top to bottom and just as I reached for the hose to rinse her off, she bolted and ran straight into the house.  Jackie, who hardly makes an effort to do much of anything, suddenly had a burst of energy and ran sliding from one end of the house to the other, stopping just long enough to jump on every piece of furniture we had leaving a trail of suds and water.  I finally caught her, laughing and crying, knowing I had a huge clean-up job ahead of me, then she looked at me with trusting eyes as if to say, hey Mom that was fun, let’s do it again, and I smiled.

Jackie has become more than a pet to me; she is my companion, my friend and my shadow; some say I saved her life, but I know the reality is that she saved my life too.”

Jackie enjoying the good life...

Jackie & her skateboard!

Success Story: Stewie

15 Apr


Hi, my name is Stewie (formerly Jake) and I am a happy dog!  I was recently rescued by a great family –Paige, Scott and Sofia -who have taken me in and showed me what the good life is all about!  I’ve had a checkered past but my new home is the kind of place that all dogs dream of!  By day, I get to enjoy a big backyard that has all kinds of cool places to sniff and investigate and I can play on the grass in the sun or just relax in the shade with my new “sister”, Penelope. At night, I spend loads of time playing with my new family, going for walks and my favorite thing of all…lounging around on the couch!!!  I love my new home because I am finally able to relax and know that I am loved very much.  My family is working very hard to teach me how to behave although I already know how to sit, shake and lay down.  I am learning that I am not supposed to go crazy for food and that Penelope –who is a 6 year old bulldog –is in fact the boss…that’s hard because I am used to having things my way.  I have fun getting some energy out with a fierce game of tug-of-war, but I am also realizing that playing by myself with a tennis or soccer ball can be lots of fun too.  But what I really love is being gentle and snuggling up to any member of my new family who all love to give me scratchies…I am now even relaxed enough in my new environment that I can enjoy tummy rubs!!

Thank you SCBR for finding me a new home!

Success Story: Khloe

1 Apr

Hi! My name is Khloe. I’m was 6 month old when my parents surrendered me to SoCal Bulldog Rescue in October 2010 because they didn’t know I had Spina Bifida. Having Spina Bifida means I wear a diaper and I am incontinent. 

As you can see in my photo, I wear a diaper all the time. It’s because I have have a spinal/nerve problem. My then-foster mommy called me a poopy baby because I had diarrhea when I first got to her house, but that’s only because I was a little bit stressed out with all the moving around. The diapers were a mess, but soon we got the hang of it.

I was a little bit scared when I came to rescue, but the nice ladies named Lisa and Sonya helped me understand that I had to wear pants and suspenders unlike other dogs. They taught me that I had to be changed every few hours and I taught them that I love to play and don’t care much for wearing pants. I even like destroying them when they’re not looking. Shh, don’t tell! During my tine in rescue, I learned to get along with cats (oops, did I chase her by accident?) and get along with dogs. I lived in a home, went to the dog park on occasion and even had a bed of my own!

On March 14th, I was adopted by Heather S. in San Francisco and joined my new daddy Connor and their 2 dogs Coco and Rudy. As you can see in the new photos, I am in absolute heaven! I really enjoy playing with Rudy all day and snuggling up with Coco in the bay window. My new parents are having a blast with me –  I know, because I’m so happy! They don’t mind changing my diapers and we go for walks a couple times a day.

Thank you Southern California Bulldog Rescue for giving me a second chance and finding me a good home.

*slobbery kisses*


Success Story: Fiona

18 Feb

Fiona came into rescue at 9 months old.  The family said she had been diagnosed with demodex and had open sores that were oozing.  The other dogs in the house were licking the sores.  The family did not like this, so they put her outside where she stayed for approximately 6 weeks.  The family finally called rescue when they felt they couldn’t handle her any more.  We learned that the family might have been washing her with laundry detergent, so we weren’t sure if the missing fur and sores were from demodex or the laundry detergent.  We put her on high-quality food, supplements, and bathed her with some good soap, and she turned out just beautiful.

Fiona Before:

Fiona today with her new fur-ever family!

Success Story: Hank

5 Feb

Well, hello there. My name is Hank, and I’m a 16-month-old bundle of love. I was dropped off at a shelter with a horrible case of demodex. I was missing most of my hair on the lower part of my body, my legs and paws were super swollen, and my face was covered in scabs. That’s a lot for a young kid to deal with.

With a little TLC, I am coming back around to my handsome self. My hair is growing back, and I am looking good as new. I love to play with toys and play fetch, I am really good on walks, and I am house trained. I will sleep in a crate or on a bed, whichever you choose, but my favorite is in a bed.

My foster mom is working with me to behave better around other dogs, but I’m a little stubborn when it comes to that. One thing I do know is that I don’t like little yippy dogs, and most males I have a problem with. But I do love my foster bully sister. See, I’m not a total hater.

Since I’m still a puppy, I do sometimes like to chew, so if you really think something is important, you probably should put it out of my reach. Otherwise, I have a stuffed duck and a Kong that are my favorite toys in the world. I love kids of all ages. You just have to watch me around the little ones, because when I get excited I jump up, and I love to lick little feet and hands.

I am really good with all of my grooming. I will let you clean my ears, face, and trim my toenails. That whole bath thing is overrated, so I sometimes will try to sneak out, but if you tell me no, I listen and stay put so you can finish washing me. I even let you brush my teeth without any hassle. Hey, chicks dig a man who is up on his hygiene; right? I will need to be on Promeris for the rest of my life to make sure that nasty demodex doesn’t come back. I could probably benefit from some obedience classes — that would be so much fun for us to learn together.

Hank is now adopted, living with a military family. He had a bully sister who passed a few months ago. He has a human brother and sister. He is doing great – the family loves him to pieces! ~Tami

Success Story: Uma

2 Feb

Uma was rescued, pregnant, from a drug addict who acquired her under dubious circumstances. Rescue was informed about this girl from a local vet to whom the man brought Uma to see if he could deliver her puppies. When the vet told the man that delivering bulldog puppies was a complicated procedure and he should go to a specialist, the man indicated he was not interested in the trouble so he would let Uma die and cut her pups from her, to sell them.


Uma was ultimately surrendered to rescue – and not a moment too soon. She was rushed to our vet ant two pups were delivered, Lilo and Stitch (7 January 2010), while one did not make it. The best news of all is that Uma herself survived!

Uma went into a foster home with her pups. She weighed 19lbs pregnant and after the pups she was about 15lbs, very underweight. She must have been kept in a crate most of her life because she did not know how to drink water from a bowl, she could only use a small animal water bottle. Her foster mom gave her water with a syringe and because she refused to eat, fed her french fries with wet dog food and vitamins so she would gain strength. Uma’s coat was brittle from mal nutrition and was a physical wreck from years of neglect. After a few weeks of working with her she finally started to eat dog food and drink water from a bowl. She began gaining weight and strength and her health was improving. The puppies had to be fed by bottle every two hours, since Uma was unable to care for them on her own.

When Uma started feeling comfortable her foster home, it became evident that she had some Obsessive Compulsive issues. She would bite her foster mom’s pants and stay latched on. She would also attack anything that hung down, like a cord, shower cord, hanging towels, etc. She would resource guard her foster mom around other dogs. Uma was initially put on anti-anxiety medications but her foster mom was able to wean her off the meds and correct these behaviors with patience, positive reinforcement and training.

After 8 months in foster care Uma was finally adopted by a young man who absolutely loves her and calls her his Mubbley. He knows all of Uma’s quirks and accepts her for who she is and Uma loves her new daddy with his quirks and all too!

Success Story: Pelon

2 Feb

Pelon, meaning “Baldy” in Spanish, entered rescue in February 2009 as an ownersurrender. !The owner told rescue that Pelon was missing “some” hair and had food allergies. !Pelon was almost completely bald, he was bleeding from his neck, front legs, back thighs, had swollen red skin all over, especially his feet. !Pelon wouldn’t walk; he was too weak and lethargic. Pelon was diagnosed with demodex, a yeast infection and secondary infections from the bleeding from scratching. He was unable to be neutered because his skin would tear. !He was sent into foster care and treated with medications, antibiotics and weekly medicated baths. !Pelon was put on a routine of supplements, vitamins, high quality dog food and daily medications. After a few weeks of foster care and ongoing treatment, Pelon’s fur started coming in on his paws, thighs, face, chest and sides; his backside taking a bit longer but little hairs were coming in. Even after everything Pelon had previously experienced, he was still a happy, loving and trusting bulldog. After a few months, Pelon was making great progress. His fur was looking good, and he was well enough to be neutered. After Pelon was neutered, he was on ready for adoption. Pelon was a big hit at both the the Pet Expo doing his “trot” and at an Adoption Fair. April 2009, Pelon was adopted. No longer bald, his new name is Cooper. He’s in a great home, getting all the love he deserves, he is thriving in his new environment and loving life.


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