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Remembering Butch

11 Dec


5/28/2001 – 12/02/2012

From the moment I saw his picture – white eyelashes, kind brown eyes, funny wrinkles, and an underbite not to be believed – I knew that he had found his forever home.

When I met him and saw his sweet disposition I knew that I had found the perfect dog!  Was he actually the perfect dog?  No, but he was perfect for our household.   Personality plus, loyal, laid back, and  loving – he made himself right at home.

I will miss your “Butchie” leaps when I arrive home – even after sometimes only being gone a few minutes; the way you would run (ok-waddle) around with your toy thinking that there was no way that I could get it from you; the way your stumpy tail would wag so fast when you were happy; the friendly face that would greet me at the door; the way you would plop in my lap when I sat on the floor… These are all things which cannot be replaced.

Your grandpa said that he has lost his best friend and companion.  You were always there for him and he loved you for that and so much more.

They say that everything happens for a reason and I am so glad that somehow our lives came together and that the time we had was so special – albeit way too short.

Rest easy my wonderful boy – Butch, Butchie, Utchie, Bubba, Pickles (don’t know how that happened), and occasionally Poo-Paw (you know why…)

You are, and always will be, loved.



RIP Butch, we are so grateful you found such a loving home to spend your golden years in.

Remembering Ginger

14 Oct

Ginger came into rescue because her owners could no longer care for her.  We were lucky to find this little senior gal a foster home to care for her until she found a home of her own.  Sadly, she unexpectedly passed away in her sleep and we lost this little girl too soon.  We’re thankful she knew a home of her own though that treated her as if she was their own and she knew love and adoration.

Here are some kinds words her foster family wrote about her:

“Ginger may have been a senior bully, but that really didn’t stop her from climbing up the pet steps to snuggle in our bed when we weren’t looking. Her big brown eyes truly charmed the socks off everyone that she encountered. She was our love bug and loved being by our side, especially on the couch during those lazy evenings. She won everyone over with her wiggly butt…even caught the attention of two motor cops when we were stopped at a red light last week and they were sending her smooches as she sat in the backseat looking out the window.

There are so many wonderful memories we had with her and she’ll always be our ginger bread and little mama. We will always remember Ginger in our hearts.”
RIP Ginger.  Run free and play hard…

Ginger RIP

Remembering Shelby

25 Jul

We had to say goodbye to Shelby, a girl that touched quite a few hearts during her time with us in rescue. Shelby was abandoned at the shelter by her owner, unable to walk on her own, malnourished and filthy. SCBR picked her up and took her to one of our vets who immediately identified that she had a condition known as Hemivertebrae, which basically meant that some of the vertebrae on her spine didn’t form correctly and looked almost like little butterflies.

She went into a foster home with not only an amazing family, but with other foster bulldogs to have as her buddies. One of the funniest things about Shelby was that ALL the foster dogs that always came in the house seemed to want to share Shelby’s bed and she would always scoot over and accommodate them. All the dogs seemed to love her as much as all the people who ever met her did. She has a sweet soul and loved to be cuddled like a little baby in your lap. She quickly became known as the princess of the house, everyone just adored her.

Sadly, after almost a year in her home, and many visits to the doctors and lots of tests, Shelby seemed begin being uncomfortable. On top of the vertebrae problem, doctors believed she may have had a tumor in her spine that was beginning to cause pressure and pain with Shelby. It was at this point that her foster family had to make the decision to let her go across the bridge so she wouldn’t be in anymore pain.

Shelby took a lot of effort to care for in the time that she was with us and her foster family, especially her momma Tami, gave her unconditional care and love. We are so grateful for them never giving up on her and giving her a place for her to call home and most importantly, a family of her own that loved her immensely. Shelby was very lucky to have found them and we’re so thankful to her family for providing her with care and love until the day we had to say goodbye to her.

We know she’s happily running around with all the other bullies across the bridge, especially her former foster brother Boomer. We love and miss you so very much Shelby and will see you again one day.

RIP Shelby.

R.I.P Sweet Tyrone

24 Apr

This past week, we lost our “tripod dog” Tyrone.

Tyrone came into rescue last November from a shelter, and was getting ready to be placed for adoption when we discovered he had bone cancer in his right hind knee.   To alleviate the pain in his leg, it was amputated in January but we knew that eventually the cancer would catch up with him.   About 10 days ago his condition started to deteriorate and although he was not experiencing any pain, it was obvious that his days were numbered.   We kept him as comfortable as possible, and in the end Tyrone decided that it would be best to leave this earth on his own terms.   He found his favorite spot on the back lawn of his foster home – where he used to love to bask in the sun – and peacefully passed in his foster dad’s arms.

Tyrone was a gentle “old soul” with a heart of gold, who touched everyone who met him.  We will miss our big teddy bear terribly,  but will always hold him in our hearts.

Rest In Peace Tyrone

Remembering Boomer

18 Apr

Boomer was found as a stray – left in the night box at the shelter at 8 years old.  He ended up in the Camarillo shelter which is where SCBR got him.  When he came into rescue, his paws were a mess, but we thought we could fix it.  Sadly, we discovered he had grade 3 mast cell cancer and there was nothing to be done.  Our brave volunteer Tami made the decision to let him live a happy life with her until the day came that she needed to help him cross the bridge.  Each day, Tami and her family showed Boomer unconditional love and cared for him by changing his bandages and making him as comfortable as possible.

The following is a message from Tami:

“My sweet Boom Boom Bear went to Rainbow Bridge tonight.  He fought long and hard and was stoic through it all, but his feet were becoming far more sore, to the point where he wasn’t walking much, and when he did, he’d shake his little paws because they hurt so bad.  I spent time today telling him how much I love him, and that I will miss him as I changed his bandage.  I laid down next to him, and he gave me the sweetest licks all over my face, as if to tell me it was going to be okay.  When I started sobbing, he looked away, as if to say, I’m not going to watch you cry.  When I stopped, he again licked my face. 
So, Demi (Tami’s daughter) and I fed him a double cheeseburger and some chicken nuggets, and I held him close and tight and peppered his handsome face with kisses and told him I love him as he crossed.  I came home and put his bed in the washer right away, as I can’t stand the thought of it sitting there in “his spot” empty.
Words cannot express how deeply I hurt right now, but I am glad he is at peace.
Boom Boom Bear, you will always have a piece of my heart with you, and I will NEVER EVER forget you!  You taught me so much about unconditional love and bravery.  Hugs and kisses, baby boy.”  – Tami

RIP Sweet Boomer.

Boomer happy in his foster home.

Boomer & his foster mom, Tami

Remembering Rusty

18 Apr

A note from his foster mom, Marti:

“Sad news, Rusty went to Rainbow Bridge on Saturday. He had been with SCBR 2 years. He was loved very much, I considered him as my own, this was his forever home. RIP Crusty Rusty you will be missed very much, until I see you again I know you will be watching over me.” ~Marti ♥

RIP Rusty.

Sweet Rusty

Rusty enjoying his life with Foster Mom Marti

RIP Jethro

1 Mar

Rest In Peace Jethro.  All the other bulldogs will welcome you across the bridge.

Farewell Murphy

17 Feb

RIP Sweet Murphy…

Our baby Murphy crossed over the rainbow bridge. He had a tumor on his heart and was experiencing cardiac failure and his health declined very rapidly.

I was pregnant when we found out and a few days later our baby girl Adelaide was born. As soon as we brought her home he got really sick and couldn’t eat or hold anything down. I truly believe he was just holding out to watch over me and make sure his sister made it here safely. He was able to make it almost two weeks but then he had to leave us.

He meant the world to us and we were and are so devastated by his passing.

I wanted to thank you for bringing him into our lives. There will never be a boy as incredible as he was. When Addy gets a little older we will get another dog and hope it will be from bulldog rescue.

RIP Val’s Dogs & SCBR Fosters

8 Feb

We’ll always remember the dogs we tragically lost in the fire at Val’s home last year.  We miss you every day sweet babies.   Run free.

Farewell Beasley

8 Feb

A message from one of our adoptive homes…

RIP Beasley

Dear Skip and So Cal Bulldog Rescue,

I wish to thank you everyone and especially Skip for making my life a lot more interesting , fun and livelier by rescuing Beasley from your organization.

Over 6 years a go Skip came to my place in Laguna Beach and approved me for a bully adoption.

Months later Skip called and Beasley was picked up for a trial weekend and immediately jumped into my car started smiling , looked around as we drove the % south and then laid down in my lap and started snoring… or fate together was sealed at that moment. 

Leading up to and even days before  Beasleys passing over Christmas weekend due to lymphoma , the So. Cal. bull dog rescue group was very helpful and gave excellent advice from all thing related to Beasley’s health and what is normal Bullys habits during the 5 + years.

Skip also directed me to Dr. Kraemer of Grand Pet Car center, Santa Ana. Dr. Kraemer turned out to be the best Bully Dr. one could hope for in So. Cal.

When your dog is in great health any Vet is helpful.

However,  a world class  Vet is one who takes care of both you and your bully when there is tough disease to deal with.  

Dr. Kramer had compassion , interest and help us with special medication which made Beasley’s last few months both quality and a happy one.

I won’t go further other than to add we spent many, many dollars with a Vet in Dana Point who did not care care about Beasley’s quality of life at the end and only wished our credit card.

A heartfelt thank you Skip and the So Cal Bulldog rescue.



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