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9th Annual Shopping Extravaganza at Citadel Outlets

14 Aug

Shop and help rescue at the same time. Click here to buy tickets.



Saturday, October 18th, shop and help raise funds for Bulldog Rescue at the same time. It is the ultimate shopping experience that includes; parking, discounts to over 100 stores, bag check, lunch, and wine tasting all for only $25.  

Don’t forget to select ‘Southern California Bulldog Rescue’ as your charity of choice so we get credit. Click below to buy tickets:



Cancer Resources and Lessons

24 Jun

Helpful information and resources on what you can do if your pet is diagnosed with cancer:

  1. Make an appointment to see an oncologist. Find out about the type of cancer your dog has, get it staged, ask for a prognosis, and what the recommended treatment protocol is for that particular treatment. Ask questions about each treatment protocol.
  2. There are usually a few different options, dependent on personal choice (ie holistic treatments or traditional Western Medicine), and also depending on what can be afforded

Some of the most common treatments include:

  1. Prednisone only protocol
  2. CHOP Chemo protocol (this is the most common, most effective multi-drug protocol, also known as the Wisconsin-Madison protocol)
  3. Variations of the CHOP
  4. Various single drug protocols, dependent on the type of cancer

Things to Remember

The thing to remember is that there is no wrong decision when it comes to your dog’s treatment. You need to become your dog’s advocate. Ask many questions about the pros and cons of each, how it will prolong your dog’s life, side effects, what the home care is for each and what to expect.

  1. Nearly all chemotherapy side effects impact the gastrointestinal tract, so the expected side effects are nausea and diarrhea. Dogs handle chemotherapy much better than humans, and don’t suffer hair loss etc. The doses given are much lower than in humans and dogs react very well, often having months of cancer-free remissions, where owners report health and energy they haven’t seen since puppyhood! One thing to remember is to make sure you are prepared in the rare event your dog does experience worse side effects than expected. (Bronx happened to fall into this category, which is less than 5% of dogs!)
  2. Stock up on anti nausea and anti-diarrhea meds. If your dog does get sick, talk to your oncologist about using the meds as preventative care.
  3. Your dog is going to need more care than usual. For the first few weeks, clear your schedule and make sure you are there if your dog needs you, or make sure someone is watching your dog. Once you know how your dog reacts, you can go back to your normal schedule.
  4. Be prepared for midnight emergency vet calls and visits. Sometimes a dog with cancer starts having other health complications, especially once the cancer has become terminal.
  5. Find support! You are going to need it! Look for cancer communities online, talk to others who have dogs with cancer and can give you advice, make sure you have your oncologists cell phone number to answer any questions and research, research, research!
  6. Most of all, try to calm down and spend quality time with your dog. They need a secure, positive environment while they are battling cancer. Treat them as you always would. Take them to the dog park! Love them like mad!
  7. I can’t highlight the questioning enough- if you know what to expect during your dogs journey, you will be a better navigator and your dog will benefit from that. Find out what to expect, what symptoms to look out for that show your dogs cancer is progressing, what symptoms would need emergency care, what to expect from the cancer as time goes on. We found that Bronx kept changing during this treatment. His body shape, personality and energy levels changed every week! Lately its been changing almost daily.
  8. The dog will have good and bad days. Sometimes your dog will have ups and downs all day.
  9. The hardest part of battling cancer is knowing when your dog has reached the end of his battle. Again, there are no bad decisions here.
  10. Speak to your vet or oncologist to help you calculate your dog’s quality of life. Once the quality of life is no longer there, it may be time to humanely euthanize. Often this involves the dog’s ability to walk, eat, play and control of bodily functions.


There are a variety of funds of there to help people pay for their dog’s cancer treatments- it’s always worth it to speak to these people because they offer invaluable advice. Also apply for a Care Credit Card

Some very useful resources:

Where in the World is SCBR?

15 May


Where in the World is SCBR?

Share your summer adventures on vacations, trips, and holidays with your friends at So Cal Bulldog Rescue or share your love of So Cal Bulldog Rescue around the world.

Just like ‘Flat Stanley’ travels the globe, we want to see So Cal Bulldog Rescue travel the world!

Its easy to participate, just have to take a picture with a So Cal Bulldog Resuce t-shirt (does not have to be worn) and a key landmark, sign or unique way to identify where you are. For example; next to the Welcome to Key West sign or in front of the Tower of London in London, England or next to the Black Dog restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard.

We will also accept other So Cal Bulldog logo items such as ball caps, sweatshirts, tanks tops, and similar clothing.

Prizes for:

1. Farthest distance traveled from Santa Ana, CA
2. Picture voted the cutest (committee of three)
3. Most T-shirts in a picture.
4. Most Unique place picture taken.

Post or tag your photo entry on our new Facebook page “Where in the World is SCBR?” or email to us directly: Make sure to indicatea the location, including country and share a story about the picture. Don’t forget to let us know a way to contact you when we determine winners.

People will have the ability to review your pictures on our new Face book page and we may also share on Instagram.

All pictures need to be turned in by 10/31/14 to be eligible.

Need a t-shirt or other item? No problem, we have plenty to choose from. Come to an event or purchase one or two from our So Cal Bulldog Rescue Merchandise website.

National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day 2014

15 Apr


April 26, 2014 –  Come help us launch the first annual “National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day’ and join us for a day of fun celebrating the breed that we love. This is going to be a national event to celebrate bulldogs and everything that is special about them. Bring your bulldog and spend some time with other bulldog lovers.

For those in the Southern California area, a local gathering will be held at 10:00am on Saturday, April 26th, at Rosie’s Beach in Long Beach, California for good time at the beach with our bulldogs.

If you are not in our  local area or looking for other locations for meet up, please visit the official FaceBook page for other events.


Dogstagram Book Purchase

17 Mar

Love looking at bulldogs and helping raise money to help bulldogs in rescue? Then you’ll love this book. It offers 35 pages of real bulldogs, some of them rescued, all so fun and precious to look at from Instagram. Order your book here for $12, shipping is included. Thank you for supporting SoCal Bulldog Rescue!

Mydogstrgram Book

Join Our Pack Supporter Bracelet

11 Dec

Join our pack!

Our supporter bracelet comes with a hanging tag (removable) that explains this bracelet is a daily reminder of the bulldogs in So Cal Bulldog Rescue that you have helped care and save for adoption into loving homes.

These are unisex bracelets and child safe. We do suppose, you could be ‘crafty’ and find a way to get onto a dog collar too, if wanted.

The adjustable wrist bands some in colors that match our logo – orange, light blue, dark blue and black. There are limited numbers on hand. They come in adjustable unisex sizes small/medium or medium/large.

We’re asking for a $15 each as a donation towards SCBR to help care for the bulldogs in rescue if mailed to the same address. 100% proceeds from the sales of these brackets will go to help pay for needed surgeries, food and medications for our rescue bulldogs.

Please use button for quick single item orders. For more than one, please inquire at

Size & Color Cord

Ador-a-Bull Calendar 2014

31 Oct

Order your 2014 Ador-a-Bull Calendar today. Remember, 100% of all proceeds go to help bulldogs in rescue. Thank you for your support!

Order Calendars

Laugh-A-Bull 2013

15 Oct


Brunch for the Bullies 2013

14 Mar



Brunch for The Bullies will be April 14, 2013 at ‘The Hacienda Restaurant’ in Santa Ana. Due to the large crowd of guests with dogs and the size of the location, the restaurant can no longer allow all pets to come. Dogs are not allowed at this event this year.

GREAT NEWS is we can have as many guests as we wish. It is still the same great Sunday Brunch, with a silent auction and friends and family coming together to support bulldog rescue.

NEW this year, we’re going to have contests with prizes.

PLUS, get your favorite bulldog photograph ready. We’re also having a ‘Favorite Bulldog Photo Contest’ open only to attendees at this brunch with awards given for the best photographs.

REMEMBER, while you enjoy a delicious brunch buffet and a fun time with friends, that 100% of the day’s proceeds will go to benefit our many bulldogs in need of food, shelter, medical care, and loving homes.

Brunch will be from 10 AM to 2 PM, tickets are $25 each for the buffet and can be ordered in advance. Also, limited tickets will be available on the day of brunch starting at 10 AM.

Hope to see you there. Thank you for supporting bulldog rescue!

Families and larger groups should email us directly at for ticketing assistance.


No Bulldog Left Behind

28 Nov


BP Dogs

As many of you have seen in the news, we recently acquired 12 English Bulldogs from the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter after they had been seized from their home by authorities. These dogs are now a part of the Southern California Bulldog Rescue family, joining approximately 70 other English Bulldogs already in our care and looking for homes. Many of these bulldogs, in addition to ones we have taken in outside of this situation, require a lot of time and effort to be made healthy and adoptable. Sadly, we see dogs come into rescue like this all the time, often in deplorable conditions, but their stories do not make the news as the Baldwin Park dogs did. This is every day in rescue. All of the care for these dogs comes as a great expense to Southern California Bulldog Rescue, which is currently handling over 80 English Bulldogs in its care right now. We are looking for assistance in caring for these dogs that desperately need medical care and rehabilitation to get their second chance in life and find new, loving homes. We are a 501 c(3) non-profit organization and rely entirely on donations to support us.

I want to help! What can I do?

  • Donate money through Crowdrise (
  • Check with your employer to see if they do matching donations (List of some here.)
  • Make your impact last longer with a recurring monthly pledge (More info here.)
  • Share the cause with your friends and family
  • Have your own fundraiser (bake sale, etc.) & donate the proceeds back to SCBR
  • Other creative ways can be found here.

What will the funds be used for?
Southern California Bulldog Rescue spends approximately $15,000 a month caring for the dogs in its care. These costs include, but are not limited, to the following:

-Food (including special and restricted diets)
-Basic medications
-Mange treatment
-Treatment for Kennel cough
-Treatment for Auto immune deficiencies
-Treatment for Megaesophagus
-Palate surgeries
-Entropian eye surgeries
-Spays and Neuters
-Treatment for fractured & broken legs
-Treatment for urinary stones and tract infections
-Cancer treatments
-Heartworm treatment
-Treatment for various heart issues
-Medicated baths for skin issues

Estimated monthly cost for dogs in rescue: $15,000

Will I get anything for my donation?
Besides a warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart, we are offering some thank you gifts to our supporters.

  • All donations above $25 will receive a pawtographed photo of one of the dogs in rescue that you are helping.
  • $50 donations will receive a SCBR keychain and 2013 SCBR Calendar
  • $75 donations will receive a SCBR keychain and a limited edition SCBR Holiday Ornament
  • $100+ donations will receive an exclusive, limited edition “No Bulldog Left Behind” tote bag


What about the Baldwin Park dogs? Tell me more!
These are all adult dogs (there are NO PUPPIES) and they are currently receiving veterinary care to make them healthy and adoptable. When they are healthy, they will be made available for adoption. There are no puppies and none are expected. The dogs from Baldwin Park need medical care for the following issues:


-Spays and neuters
-Entropian eye surgeries
-Palate surgeries
-Antibiotics for upper respiratory infections
-Fractured growth plate
-Mammary gland removal

The total estimated cost for the treatment of the Baldwin Park dogs is approximately $5000.


I want to adopt a dog! How do I do that?
If you live in the Southern California area (excluding San Diego) and are interested in adopting an English Bulldog from us, please visit our website at and fill out an application. All adoptions require an application, homecheck and adoption fee. Please note that we normally do not see healthy puppies in rescue and do not take applications just for puppies. We are currently accepting applications for adoptions of any of our 80 English Bulldogs currently in rescue.


Audrey needs your help to fight her infections and be healthy enough to find a home of her own. Click her photo to find out more about her and how you can help!
If you'd like to sponsor Audrey, click here.
Click here to view our other sponsor dogs!

SCBR Upcoming Events

September 13, 9am-11am
Adoption Event, Grand Pet Care, Santa Ana

September 28, 9am-1:30pm, Surf City Surf Dog, Huntington Beach

October 18th, Shopping Extravaganza at Citadel Outlets, Los Angeles

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