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Southern California Bulldog Rescue and the Bulldog Cancer Awareness “Saving Bronx” campaign is dedicated to fighting cancer in bulldogs. It is our goal to provide bulldog owners with educational resources to prevent and inform owners of the early warning signs of cancer. We hope that you can support this cause and do what’s best for you and your bulldog!

Campaign Summary

Bronx, a 17 month old English Bulldog, was diagnosed with Lymphoma in November 2012. His owners opted for chemotherapy and thus began their journey on canine bone marrow transplants, which was the only thing that could save his life. Sadly, Bronx lost his fight with cancer, but his spirit lives on in this campaign to fight canine cancer.

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Volunteer and donate to fight back against cancer. Your generous donations allow us to help inform people about the risks of cancer, provide support and education our volunteers and people like you about how to help your bulldog live a long and comfortable, energetic life. Donate Now!

An Open Letter to Bronx

My Baby, Bronx.

You came into my life when I was lonely, after moving from my country to the USA to be with Dad.I fell in love with you the first time I saw you- only a few weeks old and already doing your trademark bunny-hops while chasing a ball!  I knew then already you were going to change my life. I just didn’t know how much!

You are only 17 months old now, and have been through so much. You were diagnosed with Mediastinal Lymphoma when you were 15 months old. Dad & I knew we had to do everything in our power to save your life. We had you start Chemotherapy and luckily, you went into remission at Week 4.

We knew Chemo wasn’t a cure, and would only buy us a few months at most, so I started moving mountains to help you. I found out about Bone Marrow Transplants for dogs. The chance of a full cure was between 40-60%. Less than 100 dogs have had this, and only 5 facilities in the whole of the USA offered that. The most experienced, NC State, was not taking new clients and we didn’t have the time to wait.

After many calls and emails, we found a facility in San Diego, that could give you a Bone Marrow Transplant. We had no idea how we would raise the $15 000-20 000 needed, nor how on earth we could make this all happen, but I was determined to do anything to save you. That’s when Saving Bronx was born.

We found ourselves being supported by an entire bulldog community. People from all over the world, as far as Australia, Italy, Russia and South Africa, have pulled together to help you.  We feel so unbelievably blessed to have so many people rally for you, showering us with love, support and help. This has become a story about the greatness of humankind, and life-changing acts of kindness that we have experienced. The Bone Marrow transplant was becoming a reality!

At your 7th Chemo session, we got devastating news. You had relapsed and the tumor was back, bigger than ever. It meant the chemo was no longer working and that the Bone Marrow transplant was no longer an option.

My Bronxy, I’m heartbroken. If love alone could save you, you would never have gotten sick. The hardest part is watching you get more sick every day and there is nothing left that can help you.

So your Dad & I decided we want to keep Saving Bronx alive, as a tribute to you, your fighting spirit, and to all the people that have joined us during your fight with cancer. You have stayed the same happy, smart, loving Bully throughout everything and you are our little hero. You have touched the lives of so many people, and brought us all together. For that, we want to honor you and we can think of no better way than to help other Bulldogs who need it.

Your legacy will live on long after you are no longer with us, and that makes this experience a meaningful one.

My boy, thank you for imprinting your Bronxy spirit on everyone you meet and for loving us all so unconditionally. You bunny-hopped your way into my heart and that’s where you will always stay. I love you.