Help Barney!

Published on March 14, 2017 under Blog

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 2.40.31 PMAt only 5 years old, Barney has known a life of total neglect.  Someone likely bought him as a cute puppy and had not done any research on the needs of English Bulldogs.  Once he was in deplorable condition and required expensive medical care, his owners dumped him off at the Riverside Animal Shelter.  We picked Barney up and discovered that he had tumors on his rear tail (which because of an additional infection, will need to be amputated), needs entropian eye surgery (to correct eyelashes that roll inward), neuter and worst of all, due to neglect on his ears, he needs a total ear ablation (**TECA).  When bulldog owners don’t routinely clean the ears of their dogs, the ears will eventually close up.  They look somewhat like cauliflower.  It’s extremely painful for the dog and requires an expensive and intense surgery to remove the infected ear canals, which is called ear ablation surgery.  Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 2.40.49 PM


SCBR relies entirely on donations to continue to help dogs like Barney.  We need your help to get Barney fixed up so he can be adopted by a loving home and experience the life that he deserves.

** The TECA is a procedure that removes the vertical and horizontal ear canals down to the level of the middle ear. Due to the high incidence of middle ear involvement with chronic otitis, the middle ear is debrided (cleaned) via a lateral bulla osteotomy. Usually a large amount of debris, hair, and pus are found in the bulla. It comes as no surprise, then, that these cases of chronic disease do not resolve medically given the amount of debris within the middle ear. The most common complications with the TECA are recurrent abscessation, facial nerve paralysis, and vertigo. The incidence of abscessation is less than ten percent. Facial nerve paralysis and vertigo are usually temporary, and resolve without specific treatment. Many owners are concerned about deafness after the surgery. While the TECA removes the apparatus that transmits sound via the air (i.e., the ear canal and ear drum) sound can still be sensed via the vibrations that come to the cochlear apparatus through the sinuses and skull. This is similar to the level of hearing one experiences when wearing earplugs. No sound reaches the cochlear apparatus through the air, but we can still hear sounds and voices. The reality is that most dogs with chronic otitis are already hearing at this low level due to the collapse and obstruction of their ear canal and middle ear, where no sound waves are being transmitted via the air. Most owners do not report a change in their pets’ ability to hear after a TECA.

Costs for Barney:

  • Neuter: $300
  • Ear Ablation: $2800
  • Tail Amputation:  $600
  • Entropian Surgery: $500