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Published on August 11, 2017 under Blog

2018 calendar banner

No Bulldog Left Behind 2018 Calendar Contest
Think you have a ador-a-bull bulldog? Then submit a photo of him/her to Southern California Bulldog Rescue’s “No Bulldog Left Behind” 2018 Calendar!

If you’ve got a bulldog with pizzazz or with style, you’ve gotta give them a chance to be on the cover of our Calendar! One lucky winner will claim the spotlight on the cover, but 24 others can become month models as well. Proceeds from this contest help Southern California Bulldog Rescue continue their efforts to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome English Bulldogs in Southern California. Below are some details:

Entries are limited to Bulldogs, also known as English Bulldogs or British Bulldogs. Bulldogs may be exhibitor dogs, rescue dogs, family pets or combination of any of the aforementioned.

New this year is our design change will enable there to be two (2) bulldogs for each month and a brief bio of the winning bulldog to highlight the winning bulldog’s story. This is based on our supporters desire to have more beautiful bulldogs to see each month.

Each entrant must pay a minimum $5 entry fee per photo submission. If you pre-order a 2018 calendar in the entry process you will receive 5 free votes on your entry. You must pre-order you calendar(s) in the entry process to receive 5 free votes. If you enter the contest and pre-order your calendars from the standalone 2018 calendar pre-order page, you will not receive 5 free votes.

Photos may include more than one bulldog. Resolution of the image may limit its ability to be used in calendar if selected winner.

Submissions will be accepted on-line only from August 1th to September 15th. 


We dream of a day when humans take responsibility for their actions and realize that dogs are a privilege, and not a right. We currently have over 90 English Bulldogs in our direct care right now. Many of these dogs were saved from shelters and require extensive medical care. All of the care for these dogs comes as a great expense to Southern California Bulldog Rescue. We are looking for assistance in caring for these dogs that desperately need medical care and rehabilitation to get their second chance in life and find new, loving homes. We are a 501c (3) non-profit organization and rely entirely on donations to support us.

As a bulldog owner and someone who cares about the breed, will you help SCBR continue to save English Bulldogs in Southern California by submitting a photo to “No Bulldog Left Behind” 2018 Calendar Photo Contest? And, will you encourage your friends and family to vote for your photo? It’s very easy! Votes are only $1 each and all donations are tax-deductible.