150 Bulldogs Surrendered to the Lancaster, CA Animal Shelter

Published on February 14, 2011 under Blog

We have been following the very sad story of the “Lancaster Bulldogs” for the past couple week and in fact volunteers have been to the shelter a couple times to inquire about these 150, along with other bulldogs in this same shelter.

Since this has started over two weeks ago, we have only found two dogs that were English Bulldogs and took those two into rescue, naming them Paris and Niki.  One of them was so bad, she required over $1,800 in surgery to have her ear canals removed.  The other female had just finished having a litter (pups with the breeder we presume) and still had stitches in her when we took her in.

The  majority of the Lancaster 150 are proving to be mixed breeds consisting mostly of American Bulldogs, Staffies and other bull type breeds, even many of those are deformed from poor breeding or bad line breeding’s.  So Cal Bulldog Rescue is so full with our English Bulldogs in rescue, regretfully we don’t have the extra space for other breeds at this time.

Our sources with the shelter, tell us the breeder is bringing in dogs over a period of time so not to get fined and this trickle of dogs will continue for a while. There are several all-breed rescues along with us that are carefully watching the developments as this unfolds over  the next weeks.b

If anyone has additional information or timely updates, please let us know.

Thank you!