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How to Surrender

Southern California Bulldog Rescue has the goal to make sure that every Bulldog has a caring home and someone to love them.  We are here to help you in any way possible, whether that be educating you on Bulldog needs, lending an ear or offering a referral  to a trainer if your Bulldog is having behavioral issues, or surrendering your bulldog to us where we will find and place him/her in a new home. All of our contacts are bulldog knowledgeable and compassionate to your situation.

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Sometimes a new home is needed. Zoe and Willie are so happy now!

Our volunteers have or have had bulldogs in their lives and have many years of experience with our breed. We are also very knowledgeable with the bulldog community and can refer you to professionals if you need help with any behavior or medical issues.

Our goal is to educate owners and try to help them keep their dogs, but we do realize that situations arise that are beyond an owners control. We will only take custody of your dog when YOU are ready to surrender him/her to SoCal Bulldog Rescue.

If you have already decide that your Bulldog would do better in a new environment and home your dog would first be placed in a foster home where he/she would be evaluated for any temperament issues, medical needs, and to decide what type of home the dog would do best in.  We would then start the adoption process and place the Bulldog in a very carefully screened home.

Foster Homes: Temporary Families until we find the RIGHT home.

We have foster homes around the Southern California area where rescue Bulldogs stay as part of the family until they are adopted out. All of our foster homes are qualified and must be members of the BCA and BCARN and follow our strict code of conduct. Dogs are kept in foster care for a minimum of a few days to several weeks in order to evaluate temperament, provide ongoing medical care, or to correct any behavioral issues. When the dog is ready he/she will become available for adoption.

Adoption Process

We have an extensive adoption process that potential adopters have to go through in order to adopt a rescue Bulldog from us.  Not only do we have a comprehensive adoption application to fill out, we also have a group of volunteers that do reference checks, vet checks, and home visits. This way we can be assured that our dogs are going to families that are qualified and ready to welcome a new family member into their home. We don’t just look for good homes.. we look for great and outstanding homes!

What we need from YOU in order to surrender your dog to SoCal Bulldog Rescue

  1. We are an all volunteer group so please give us some time to work with you. After you contact us we usually need a least a few days to contact our foster homes and to prepare for a new addition.  Please provide us with a date that the dog needs to be out of your home and into the rescue program.
  2. At first contact we will also ask you to provide a current photo of your dog. We only work with purebred English Bulldogs but can refer you to other organizations if needed.
  3. We will also ask for a current history of your dog. Please provide all necessary medical records and your dogs behavioral history. This should include the dogs current veterinarian and contact information, whether the dog has been spayed or neutered, when his/her last vaccines were administered, any surgeries that the dog has had, and all medications that your dog is currently taking.
  4. We need to know if the dog has shown any aggression towards adults, children, or animals. Has the dog ever tried to bite or actually bitten anyone.
  5. Tell us about your dogs daily routine and personality. What are his likes and dislikes, what is he scared of, what does he enjoy. Tell us about what he eats, how much, and when. What his favorite toys are, where he usually sleeps at night, where he is kept during the day, whether or not he is crate trained, and housebroken.
  6. Please tell us why you are surrendering your dog to rescue. PLEASE BE HONEST.  Your dog will be living with our families in our homes with our kids and pets so please do not withhold any information.
  7. Finally we will provide you with our Surrender Form. We can either E-mail this to you or provide it at the time of surrender. The surrender form must be filled out accurately and completely. After the form is signed by both you and the rescue member the legal ownership and rights of the bulldog are transferred to Southern California Bulldog Rescue.

Have you Considered?

1. Contacting a dog Trainer. Just one or two lessons can help.

Find  a qualified trainer in your area.

When working with a bulldog they must be CPDT certified. Those letters will be listed after their name.

2. An undiagnosed Medical condition. If your dog is barking, biting, or suddenly acting abnormal he/she could have something wrong medically and should be checked by  a bulldog knowledgeable veterinarian.

Click here for a list of Bulldog Knowledgeable Veterinarians


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