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The application process is going to be asking questions about your home and expectations of a rescue bulldog in your home. It is important that we collect as much information as possible to better understand your home and fit of a bulldog into your home. All questions must be answered or replied to for the completion of the application.

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About You and Your Home

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Do you understand that you are submitting an application for the adoption of a rescue bulldog.

In order to continue the process of your application, a $20 fee is collected to cover expenses incurred in the processing of the application. This fee non-refundable and your application is not processed until the fee is paid. The fee will be applied towards any adoption made though this program. Do you understand this process?
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Do you understand that there is an Adoption Fee with the rescue bulldogs? These fees range from $200 to $900 and vary according to the current age of the bulldog and expenses incurred by each rescued bulldog.

These Adoption Fees help cover all sterilizations, shots, micro-chipping, boarding expenses, medical procedures and corrective surgeries provided to the bulldogs while in the care of rescue.
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No guarantees of health or longevity can be made with any pet.

All bulldogs placed by the rescue are sterilized, micro-chipped, are up-to-date with their shots, and have had any needed corrective surgeries or treatments provided by the rescue program. While medical care is provided by the rescue, on-going medical care and treatments will be assumed by the owner. Known medical issues and care provide by the rescue will be explained prior to any adoption to the best of the rescue's knowledge.
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Southern California Bulldog Rescue will help connect you with with an bulldog in your area or closest area.

Would you be willing to drive or travel to pick up the dog?
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Which applies to you?
 Full-time student Work full-time Work part-time Stay at home parent & spouse works Work at home Retired Live with parents Other

Name of employer or school.

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Spouse or Significant Other’s Age:

Other household members. Please list ages and relationships one per line. If you live alone, please put NONE. (required)
(example: John Doe - 6 years old, Son)

The Home

Living Situation - Do you currently?
 Own Rent/Lease Live with Roommate/Someone Else Other

Landlord's Name & Phone Number. We will not process an application without this information.

If you are living in a leased or rented property, are you allowed bulldogs and/or pets that have a weight limit (over 50 pounds)?
 Yes No Unknown (Please check and let us know)

Years at residence:

Distance willing to travel:

Nearest major city:

Are you planning on moving soon or having any major changes in your home life? Please provide details.

Which best describes your home?
 Single family home with fenced yard. Community with common walls and own fenced yard. Community with common walls and no yard. None of the above

Do you have a fenced yard or patio?
 Yes No

If no 'yard or patio', please describe out door access arrangements for your pet.

Homes with inadequately fenced areas/hazards will not be accepted. Pool, balcony, Koi pond, in-ground jacuzzi, etc. Please contact us for more details. All applications are subject to review.

Do you have any unfenced pool, spa or pond areas at your home?
 Yes No

If you have an unfenced pool, spa or pond area, please describe.

Which best describes your living area for a bulldog.
 Have stairs the dog would use daily. Have steps (2-3 steps) the dog would use. Have a single level home with no steps. Would leave the dog in the yard and its level.

Do you have any unfenced pool, spa or pond areas at your home?
 Yes No

If you have an unfenced pool, spa or pond area, please describe.

About the Bulldog and Your Home:

Why are you considering the adoption of a rescue bulldog?

What are your expectations of a rescue bulldog with your family?

Have you adopted from an animal rescue program in the past? Please list.

Have you owned a bulldog in the past?
 Yes No

How long have you been looking for a bulldog?

How soon are you interested in adoption?
 Now Next 4 weeks Next 3 months Over 3 months from now.

Is everyone in the household in agreement to adopt at this time?
 Yes No

Do you have applications with any other animal rescue at this time?
 Yes No

What age of bulldog are you willing to accept at this time?
 Less than one year (Puppies are rare in any rescue program) One to three years old Three to five years old Five to seven years old Eight years old and above Any age

Do you have a sex preference?
 Male Female Love either one

I would like to do the following with a bulldog.
 Go to dog parks and dog beach. Go to get together's with other dogs around. Take a dog hiking with me. Just want a dog around the house. Have friends over with their dogs on play dates. Not in to much pet socializing.

Are you prepared to take responsibility for a bulldog for its lifetime with you?
 Yes No

How much do you anticipate in annual care for a bulldog?
 Less than $200 $300- $500 $600-$1000 $1000 and over

Are you aware of the care a bulldog frequently dietary issues, skin issues, ear cleaning, joint issues and accept that bulldogs have shorter life span over other breeds of dogs.

Medical expenses for bulldogs can become costly over the lifetime of a bulldog. These expenses can commonly exceed $400 in one office visit and over $2,500 in one year’s time. Do you feel this is acceptable for you at this time? (required):

 Yes No

Please describe any previous experience you have with bulldogs as pets or as friend's pets.

Have you surrendered an animal to a rescue or shelter in the past? Please provide reason.

Describe the type of bulldog that would fit into your home.

Is there a particular bulldog you have seen on one of our partner adoption sites that you are currently interest in learning more about? This does not limit your application, but will assist us in placing the right bulldog with you.

Are you familiar with the special needs of bulldogs such as cherry eye, hip issues, weight issues, skin issues and other common problems?
 Yes, I'm familiar with the care of bulldogs. No, not familiar. I'll need some advice on care. Somewhat familiar, could use some advice.

Please explain:

What level of special needs are you willing to undertake?
 None Eye Drops daily Dailypills Blind Incontinent Arthritic Geriatric Deaf Limit mobility Chronic Skin issues Allergies Restricted diet No other pets Training issues

Medical expenses for bulldogs can become costly over the lifetime of a bulldog. These expenses can commonly exceed $400 in one office visit and over $2,500 in one year’s time. Do you feel this is acceptable for you at this time?
 Yes No

Are there any special considerations in your home or application that should be taken into account when placing a bulldog in your home? Examples: Planning to have children, relocation or does another pet frequent your home? Are there a number of levels in your home, requiring the dog to climb stairs? Are your neighbors close by, so that barking or whining would be an issue?

Where will the bulldog stay while you are away from the home, i.e, work, store, etc? Bulldogs are extremely sensitive to climate and do not have a tolerance for heat. They can suffer from heat stroke quite easily, which can be fatal. Also, Bulldogs are often stolen from outdoor enclosures. Are you aware of these issues?

 Fenced yard with dog house. In the house area. Enclosed garage. Outdoors dog kennel. Inside/outside access.

Who would provide care for your pets if you were to go out of town?

Please tell us about your expectations for the bulldog in your home.
 Outdoor pet and inside when you are home. Indoors and only outside when I am home. Indoors and access outside though a pet door. In garage area or kennel when I am not home.

What behaviors would you not be willing to accept with a possible adoptive bulldog? Know that any dog brought into a new living situation will have house-training issues initially. It is up to you, the owner, to establish a house-training routine and set the dog up for success. Do you understand this?

Some dogs are not good with other pets. Are you willing to accept a dog that would be your only pet?
 Yes No

Pet Information

Do you have any other pets? If yes, what kind? How many? Are they spayed or neutered?:

Are your children comfortable with large dogs.
 Yes No Unknown No children at this time.

Do your own pets have any experience with living with another pet in the home? Please understand that bringing a new dog into your home will require a period of adjustment for the rescue dog and for any other pets in residence. You must introduce the new dog in the proper way, and understand that there will quite likely be scuffles until the new hierarchy is established. We do have a trial period with each placement to allow adoptive homes to work with training during the adjustment period. Are you willing to work through this? Please explain.

Check all that apply.
 Bulldogs under 4 years of age. Will consider senior bulldogs. Can work with training issues. Can give medication once a day. Owned bulldog in the past. Have other pets at this time. Own a bulldog now. Will consider bulldog with special needs. Bulldog will live outdoors mostly. Have cared for special needs pet before.

Please provide two personal references.

If current, please provide name of vet or vet clinic.

How do you correct pet behavior problems?

The commitment you make by adopting a dog presumes that you are willing to call in a dog trainer or behaviorist if the situation requires, are you willing to do this?

What do you feel is the proper use of dog cages or crates?

Final Questions

Home checks and reference checks are required prior to placement of bulldogs into homes. Is this acceptable?
 Yes No

When the best time to contact you for a home check for consideration of adoption?

Do any of these apply to you?
 Unfenced in ground pool or spa. Unfenced yard. Have children weighing less than 40 pounds. Have children less than 5 years of age. Own a cat. Own another dog. None apply.

Have you ever been convicted or accused of animal cruelty?
 Yes No

Do you understand that Southern California Bulldog Rescue volunteers will do their best to match a rescue bulldog to your home?
However, the placements can only be made with rescue bulldogs of acceptable temperament and health to match your application. Acceptance of your application and fee does not promise the placement of a bulldog now or in the future.
 Yes No

Do you understand that by submitting this application, you are required to make a $20 donation to Southern California Bulldog Rescue, which is used to cover the expenses and time involved to process your application?
This fee will be applied towards the adoption. This fee is non-refundable. Your application will not be processed until your fee is submitted.
 Yes No

Do you understand that in completing this application, there is no promise of a rescue bulldog matching your home?
All placements of bulldogs are made according to where the application and needs of the bulldog complement each other.
 Yes, I understand that the placements of a rescue bulldog is limited to the ability of the dog fitting into my home as presented with the information submitted in my application. No

By typing your name in the box below, you agree that all information in this application is true to the best of your knowledge, and you are allowing us to contact your references and landlord. (required)

Application Fee Submission:
Check or Money Order: SCBR PO Box 10313 Santa Ana, Ca. 92711

How did you learn of bulldog rescue?
 Google Scearch Adopt-A-Pet Pet-Finder Bulldog Rescue Of America Facebook Friend Vet Offices Magazine Picked Up Information at adoption event. Other

Making sure families can contact rescue for adoptions is very important to us. Any comments on how you came to locate the So Cal Bulldog Rescue program?

Any additional comments?:

Please hit "SEND" once only. A copy of your application will be emailed to you along with instructions. Please be patient while we process your application; there is no need to contact us again. We will contact you as soon as a bulldog match has been found.

Important Note: Much of the initial communication about your application is done via Email. Be sure to check your spam folder frequently to ensure that you are not missing important messages from our rescue team.