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Common Q&A About Adopting and Rescue

Q: Why do you only adopt to people in Southern California, without exceptions?
A: This is a matter of logistics, not our desire to only limit it to SoCal residents. We require a home check be done prior to adoption of the bulldog and that the adoptive home come meet the bulldog in person prior to adoption.  Also, if there is any follow up medical care with the bulldog, it has to be completed by one of our vets to be covered by us free. Some distances even in Southern California aren’t workable either.  We have very few adoptive home that are able to make the distance or commit to driving so far for a bulldog. Depending on where  you’re located, we have found that applying with a local bulldog rescue works for most interested families. Check for your nearest rescue.

We have also learned that the ‘best adoptions’ are those where the prospective family has a chance to come and meet the adoptable bulldog in person pior to bringing home as a family pet.  May of our bulldogs have distinct personalities, ‘quirks’ and behavior issues that can’t be understood or explained unless you are meeting the bulldog in person.  For this reason too, we do not ship or arrange for transport of bulldogs out of the area.

Q: How are Bulldogs with Children?
A: Whether or not a dog is suitable with children will depend on a particular dog. Many of the dogs we place do not do well with children under the age of 5 due to their size, others do great with kids. It depends on the dog. This is why all dogs that come into rescue are required to be with a foster family and evaluated before being placed.

Q: Do you have any puppies?
A: We rarely if ever get any puppies and if we do they usually have a serious medical condition. Most of our rescues are between the ages of 4-8 yrs old.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: The donation for the privilege of having a rescue bulldog in your home is usually between $200-$900 depending on the health and age of each dog. Adoption donations are intended to provide funds for the care of current and future rescued bulldogs.

Q: How long do I have to wait for a rescue?
A: Bulldog placement can take two weeks to many years. Dogs are placed according to the type of home best suited to their needs. We cannot predict when dogs will be available for placement. Occasionally we have more than one dog in and at other times we may have none.

Q: Will the dog be Spayed/Neutered?
A: All of our dogs are spayed or neutered and up to date on all vaccinations.

Q: I want to rescue a bulldog for my family member as a surprise/present.
A: Because ALL members of the family must meet the new potential family member before we will consider adoption we do not adopt dogs out as surprises, presents, or for holidays.

Q: What if our Rescue Bulldog isn’t working in our home?
A: If for any reason your are unable to keep your rescue bulldog, we REQUIRE that the dog be returned to us. Please contact one of our volunteers immediately .

Q: Help! We love our bulldog but can not afford his medical bills. Can you help?
A: We do not provide grants or donations to families with bulldogs, however here is a list of organizations that can help with financial assistance.

Q: What if there aren’t any adoptable bulldogs in our area or we can’t find a rescue?

A: There are a couple websites we want to recommend that you may not of discovered yet.   First is Bulldog Rescue Network of America at this the national website for English bulldog rescue and you may scearch by state, regional and cities in some circumstances. Also check  Adopt A Pet and Pet Finder which both allow you to scearch by state and your local zip code.


Ladybelle is a senior in hospice care that is being cared for by one of our volunteers. She was abandoned by her family in her golden years and has cancer. Her mom is providing her with the care and love she deserves.
If you'd like to sponsor Ladybelle, click here.
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"Two years ago our family attended the Bulldog Beauty Pageant in Long Beach where we met the SCBR team and learned about this great breed. We had thought about getting a bulldog for a long time. A year ago we finally submitted an application and met with SCBR volunteer Vicki. Within weeks she had found the perfect dog for us! When we met Butters it was love at first sight. We have never had a dog before and couldn't have made it through the first year of bulldog ownership without the help of SCBR and Vicki who always answered my emails and phone calls about dry noses, cleaning folds and tail pockets, putting in eye drops and more! Our newest family member never leaves our side and brings joy every day. We can't say enough about the great work SCBR does and are so thankful for the volunteers.."
- Butters' Family

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